Saturday, December 11, 2010

Organic Part 1 -Why?-

Sometimes when people ask me questions via email I just go ahead and turn them into blog posts. I realize there are probably plenty of more informative and well written articles out there, but for the sake of time & sharing with several friends I'll go ahead and also share with my is my "two cents".

So, you're thinking of going organic? Maybe you just watched Food, Inc. or an episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and now you're considering feeding yourself and your kiddos a bit healthier. How did it happen to me?

For me, it started about 7 years ago while I was in college, babysitting for a very natural & organic lady with three boys two years apart [the irony]. Most students put on "the freshman 15", I on the other hand took off the "high school 30". Moving out of Grandma's house helped...I was too cheap to buy all the junk food. Her place is still semi-naughty to go while dieting or being pregnant [which I've basically been one or the other the last 6 years]. Her cabinets are full of wonderful "nacks" as my kids call them. She's got two boys, can you blame her?

At my nanny job, I didn't recognize any of the foods she bought so I started asking questions. Next, I started buying a few organic items every time I shopped. They tasted different, but I knew it was because they were "real". My taste buds adjusted. First, it was milk. Then, the next thing I knew I was shopping where she shopped. Honestly, to this day, I buy certain brand products just because that mom did.

Between meeting her, meeting Charles [also a health nut], getting pregnant, and then feeding my children I've just become generally fond of healthier foods. Do my kids eat drive thru? Yes, am I proud? No. Do my kids eat sugar and things they shouldn't? Yes, am I proud? No. Will you sometimes find regular bread, peanut butter and high fructose corn syrup jelly at my house? Yes, am I proud? No.

I am not 100% organic, I by no means judge others or live for "naturalness", but I do aspire to eat more organically and take better care of myself and my children. I'm thinking long term health enables me to fulfill my two callings: to love God [honor with my body] and love others. I can't exactly take care of my family, much less those outside my home if I'm alway tired, sick or...dead.

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  1. Just wanted to say I LOVE reading your blog - especially this kind of stuff (cloth diapering, etc) and even the post below about mom guilt - because you are awesome at presenting the information without making me feel judged! :) I know a lot of organic moms and cloth diapering moms that are so into it they make everyone who doesn't adhere to those things feel terrible. Never the case with you! Thanks for the quality info and for keeping it real!!

  2. Love this post, girl. How awesome.
    I'm similar, except just in the early stages of switching over to organic. We just started buying organic milk and I try to buy other products when possible (or when they're on sale.) but you're's expensive. That's my biggest issue with it. I too dream of gathering eggs from the chickens and milking the cows (eh, maybe not the last one.) but definitely having a beautiful garden full of fully organic, healthy food. Wish we had the soil you guys do. Thanks for the info...annnd not judging those who don't go all out organic. Some people really get upset if you don't/don't see why they do. ;)

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  3. I'm a hybrid too! We started learning about organic around the time we discovered Mikayla's multiple food allergies. I don't (usually) do organic meat because it's expensive and hard to find, but most other things I buy organic. I haven't found many coupons, but here are my tips. Buy from a co-op if you can find one. Plan which fresh items you need and buy ONLY for the week. Invest in a storage system. Cut up fruit and veggies, then portion into containers to grab on-the-go. I love these:



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