Friday, November 19, 2010

What My Kids Will Remember

My mother & I both at 26. Myself & Moses and My mom & sister.

I don't remember if my mom was always caught up on the laundry. I don't remember if the dishes were piled high in the sink or not. I don't remember what meals we ate. I don't remember if there were crumbs on the floor. 

This is what I do remember---her rubbing my back before I'd go to sleep at night...her always praying for me to have sweet dreams.

I remember my mom nudging me to befriend the mentally handicap girl on our block. I remember her sending me to invite the poor neighbor girl to the beach with us. The girls' house smelled like smoke and she had a funny haircut. She was awkward and unpopular, but my mom taught me to love and accept...reach out...and play with her. This is probably the thing I've learned most from my mother.

If kids turn out like their parents, I wouldn't mind keeping this tradition...especially if it involves my kids lack of memory when it comes to the cleanliness state of our home. 

Yesterday, I was expecting company, all the dishes were put away, every bit of laundry folded, and the boys bathroom smelled like bleach instead of urine. That was an unusual accomplishment around here. But you know what? Nation's not going to remember that. Solomon and Moses most likely will not either. 

I wonder what they will remember though?

They might remember when I let them help make waffles, or when I let them peel the hard boiled eggs or when we played nintendo together. I suppose I hope most of all, 20 years from now Solomon will remember what he recited to me this morning, "Taste and see that the Lord is good, Blessed is the man who trusts in Him." 

Come to think of it, rather than just being able to recite it, I hope he's living it.

This is the hope that keeps me going on days when it's one thing after another. 

This has come together all too serious, here, laugh at this:

Me: "Nation what does trust mean?"
Nation: "It's just a really hard word, that's what it means"
Me: "Hard to do, not a just hard word. It means God is someone who will never let you down, always be there, bigger than you can imagine, it's safe to believe He'll always take care of you."

More important than letters, numbers, colors or shapes, I hope this is what Nation remembers.

I'm not suggesting you stop teaching your children, or cleaning your house. But when given the choice between another blog [or another show] and making memories for your child, you choose...them. With their memory in mind.

Of course, let's continue making space on the floor to walk, but let's not forget to actually sit on the floor...with them.

Let's not forget what they will remember most.

What the Lord will remember most.

You...showing them...Him.


  1. Oh my goodness. This was my absolute favorite post of the week! I am going to tweet it right this second. This is something to really think about!

  2. Such beautiful truth!! Seize the day and play a bit ... laugh a bit... love a bit... and make someone smile... =) Fun pic... visiting from Foto Friday!

  3. This is your best post to date. ;)

  4. Oh my your mom has the loveliest blonde hair I've ever seen :D
    Such a beautiful memory to share as well...

  5. So very true, Candra. I'm beginning to hear from my bigger boys what they do remember, and I can confirm that you are SO right!

    This was a great post.

  6. Laura, what are they telling you? I'm so CURIOUS. [har har] Seriously though.

  7. Oh Candra! This post made me cry! I am always so hard on myself about my house being clean. It never is. Sometimes I am afraid that people will judge me for it. I am so glad that you reminded me of what really matters. :) I do try to make sure to do the important things with my kids but at the end of the day I feel guilty and I shouldn't.



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