Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Underwater Eight Ball

 Some days...we just don't get out enough. 

And man, if we don't, I feel guilty.

Even though being at home affords them more play time indoors and outside, I still feel strongly compelled to get them to a park everyday. 

Boys need to run.

I'm going to say it again: I miss the backyard. 

This is what happen on our way to take out the trash before I cooked dinner. We walked back by the pool [now covered] and we found their goggles by the coke machines. 

Of course, they had to wear them the rest of the evening.

Then on our way back to the apartment we were going to check the mail, but...

...we got distracted by the pool table.

Since we hadn't really gotten out much I decided to make the most of it and let them mess around [gently] with the billiard balls.

They were being too adorable so I went and grabbed my camera. 
[The light was difficult in there.]

If I hadn't realized it yet, I was reminded right then...
I have three mobile children.

I never really played pool until I met Charles. He's a shark. Don't let him fool you. It was quite the perk when we were dating. I thought is was so cute how good he was at it. He's taken me to play a few times, but since he's kept me pregnant most of our marriage we've been avoiding the "smoke cages" more often than not.

He had a pool table as a child. I know one day [soon], he'd love to own a pool table. Although I can already imagine the things the boys would do with that table and all those glass balls. I hope the game room will be padded and everyone has a helmet.


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  1. Love the goggle shots and the story to go with it. My girls wouldn't have kept them on if their lives depended on it.

  2. Cute goggle pictures! I wish my mom had taken a picture of my brother in his swim goggles the day they picked me up from my first day at my new school. Um yeah, just a little embarrassing!

  3. what cuties! Wait till they get bigger and realise that swim goggles are awesome when cutting onions :) Great story, and cool photos.

  4. Ha, ha...my girls love goggles too! Great shots.

    Erika B

  5. They look like they're having fun ! I love the goggles.

  6. That is soooo something mine would do! Love it.

  7. Precious pictures. Precious boys. Love the goggles!

  8. Great photos. I can't believe how big Moses is!! WOW! It goes by too fast :(

  9. They are so cute. You knocked it out of the park in that difficult lighting. Way to go. I really miss taking my baby to the park every day. He is ten now, almost 11, and our fun afternoons at the park are few and far between. Now he wants to play with his friends all the time. I miss the little days. Cherish them. They fly by quickly.

  10. Definitely SWEET shots! Love it! As a mom of 4 boys I get it :-)


  11. What cute pictures of your boys in their goggles! I always think that my crew would love a pool table, but have the same concerns... blows to the head, emergency room visits, etc.

    Found you through the hip homeschool hop

  12. Very cute, how can you resist goggle shots? They will appreciate those when they get older!

  13. Pool table and goggles...Wishing for summer? :) Cute pictures!!

  14. My husband grew up with a pool table. I thought he was way cool that he could beat everyone we met. (And I liked the view from behind when he was taking a shot, too!)


  15. I love how you all just flowed into the game room. You can see the excitement they had in the journey.

  16. What great pictures! Your boys are just too cute!!!!



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