Friday, November 26, 2010

I Ate This: Thanksgiving

You Capture Photo Challenge: I Ate This
$1 at TJMax
Nation "not eating...just licking"
Thanksgiving Noah's way [turkey+dr.pepper+computer]
My boys excitement over photo time...look at Moses
If only I could make them smile & be in the picture
What happens when I'm in the picture
I changed Moses face...the best I can do...oh well, love them anyways
Love my guys
Most especially this one
Photos taken by my little 9 year old brother, Noah


  1. you have such a sweet family. Love the pics.

  2. I especially like the last photo of you and Charles!

  3. Sweet family pictures! And your Thanksgiving feast looks amazing!

  4. you did an amazing job at switching his face! those are great pictures-love the kids' shirts. an of course in solomon (normally not wanting pics) is the one looking with the happy face. i say you did a pretty good job with three little ones. we have yet to get a really good family pic since love was born-we have ok ones but it's hard.

  5. The food looks amazing! Love the photo session. No one in my family cooperates for photo sessions, glad I am not the only one :D

  6. you guys look wonderful & your blog is super purdy!! who did you use?

  7. beautiful photos, you have a beautiful family! I'm visiting over from the homeschool hop! :)



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