Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicago Day 3: Ninja Turtles & Sue at the Art & History Museums

 On Saturday morning, we had every intention of arriving at...

The Art Institute of Chicago at 9am, but our bellies stumbled upon this first...

Where I had the best French Toast of-my-life

It went from 72 to 52 overnight.

Probably my 2nd favorite fact of Chicago [next to the DMB one] was that the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were sitting at the Bennigan's across the street from the Art Museum trying to come up with names for the three turtles when they looked up and got their inspiration...
Donatello-Leonardo-Michael Angelo

Here is some of my favorite art I saw [bonus points if you can name the paintings]

I also saw one of Claude Monet's Water Lilies, but didn't photograph it. The Art museum was interesting. It, like most I've been too, had some nice things, but also had a lot of things I feel like weren't really art. Aside from the fact that they came from important people or were really old, they weren't pleasant to look at. 

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Nation kept asking us when we were going to do something, ha.

As you can imagine this museum was the kids least favorite part of our day. We tried to walk through it all quickly, having only spent $18 for our whole family to tour it wasn't too much of a waste of money. Again, I'd like to come back another time with just Charles. We had too much fun making fun of the art we did have a chance to see.

Something Nation that was funny...

Name that butt.

The museum also had this cool staircase with spiritual sayings on it...

Our next stop on Museum day was The Field Museum. It was the largest museum I'd ever been to. I wish we lived closer so I could go back weekly with the kids and teach them more as they grow up. It was enormous, did I already say that? It was a little more pricey so we spent 5 hours there [on accident] and still missed several sections of it.

Obviously one of their main attractions was Sue. The male dinosaur [originally thought to be & named female] that is the most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found. It was purchased 10 years ago by the museum for 8 million dollars.

The second coolest part about this museum was that it not only had a amazing collection of dinosaur skeletons, but also a robotic dinosaur exhibit. You really felt like you were standing next to an angry T-Rex about to charge you. It was very realistically designed. We also watched the 3D movie about Sue.

We had intended on visiting the Children's Museum as well that day, but I guess now we'll have to go back! We were all pooped [even though we brought the stroller this time] and headed back to the hotel early for Thai delivery and Iron Man 2.


  1. The Field Museum sounds great. I am looking forward to the dinosaurs at the Creation Museum.

  2. Oh cool! The Art Institute was one of those places we didn't get to hit up last year but I definitely want to do it this time if we can squeeze it in. The Field Museum too. Is it bigger than the Smithsonian in DC? Because I remember that one being endless (not un-fun; just endless).

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