Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago Day 4: My Secret Fear & Headstands at 103 Stories

Sunday was our last morning in Chicago, Charles let me sleep in [again] and brought me Starbucks [again] and the best french toast [again]. These were some of the precious [natural] moments before we left the hotel.

[This represents Togetherness, my YouCapture photo assignment this week]

I wish I could have captured the one where they were eating the muffin at the same time. Sharing. So sweet and [naturally] rare.

This is why we don't share drinks with them. And you'll often see us holding up bottled water to the see if it's theirs or ours.

Charles really wanted to go to the top of the Sears newly renamed Willis Tower [who renames monuments?], but just looking at the brochure made me feel like I was falling from a great height. However, in effort to show some love I decided to be brave and go.

Another thing is, if you know me,  you know I hate elevators. I have never been stuck in one, but at some point as a child realized that was a possibility and this youtube video didn't help. I rarely take elevators without making sure I have food or water with me. I also sometimes call Charles before I get in one so he knows where to find me if I go missing.


This elevator climbs 103 stories in 60 seconds! I was not excited about this. To make matters worse before it was our turn to board the elevator it opened and wasn't fully on the ground. The attendant said "oh this one tends to get it's air shaft messed up a's fine". 

I looked at Charles. [You've got to be kidding me]

But obviously I'm here typing this blog happy to report we did not get stuck going up or down and I actually enjoyed myself up there...after about 15 minutes when I forgot how high up we were. I even walked out on the skydeck.

Of course, Charles had to do something to make me nervous I'd become a widow.

He just had too much fun!

[I think someone should have bought me a sucker for overcoming my fears]


  1. Ha ha Charles. I don't blame you Candra, that headstand would make me feel a little uneasy too :)

  2. Those pictures are enough to make me lose my donut and coffee this morning. I like looking out, but NOT down.

  3. That video was horrible!!!! I applaud you for conquering a fear! I got stuck in an elevator one time, maybe I'll blog about it...



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