Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten [#5]

Thankful this week for:

1- A two hour phone call tonight
An actual real no-kids-screaming-in-the-background phone call with my bestie Sarah tonight.

2-A package in the mail
It was from my other bestie April. Full of Ireland goodness from her recent trip [thanks Kate for the Percy Pigs...perfect reward for my jog tonight].

3-A backup computer 
Even if my computer is currently in Purgatory.

4-A long weekend 
Tomorrow begins...the-in-laws-are-visiting-deep-clean.

5-[Can I say again?] 
Okay, fine, let's go with eBay then. Thank you eBay for adorable Life Is Good shirts for my boys at half the cost [new] with free shipping.

6-"The Cloth Diaper Bug" biting me again
I'm here, I'm settled, bring on the extra diaper laundry because it's better than taking all these diapers to the trash bins at the apartment every--single--day.

7-The overly nice people in Dayton 
This week I had a police officer carry my stroller down stairs & to my car for me, nice mommies at the park invite me over to play, lots of opened doors, and the kind mom who informed me my children had left the park and crossed the main road.

Who work overtime with my children. We've stuck things in sockets, licked our shoes, jumped off--stood on--almost fall into--more things than you could imagine. Who knows what Moses has eaten off the carpet this week. I managed to recover most of a crayon today.

It's been an amazing [free] source for teaching the kids this week. Nation now often asks me things like "Who is stronger an Alligator or a Hippo?" Then we watch---and find out.

10-The Local Library
I'm sure you'll understand why no photos were taken the day I ventured out for the first time with all 3 to a Library. Whole-New-Ballgame. 

Boys+Quiet=Error Message.

They have some fabulous libraries around here. There is a free music/story time class several times a week with your almost very own Laurie Berkner. Complete with a "bouncer" at the door and a special list you must cut-throat-your-way-onto weeks in advance online

We managed to make it INTO the library. OFF the waiting list and INTO the class. THRU the class. Not before Moses & Solomon decided to poop [only because they knew I didn't bring the diaper bag in...I was already carrying too much]. We checked OUT 10 books. Not before I mistakenly trusted Nation to wash his own hands in the bathroom...came back to find the floor-walls-chairs outside the bathroom...all covered in water & suds.  

Thus, I didn't have time to slowly browse so I TOOK from their display case [probably against the rules] the first ten children's items that resembled books in English.

GOT 4 library cards [all the boys got their first]. I shoved crackers [also against the rules] into their mouths as the very nice, but very old librarian [who had never seen an iPhone before] slowly entered our information in 4 times with one finger. Maybe she was overwhelmed by the smell of poop. 

Either way...I left thinking...gosh, I'm always up for a challenge aren't I?

Can you tell my kids were [the only ones] new to the class?


  1. Aww. I loved our conversation too :)
    Ooohh, the package from April looks fabulous and now I want a care package from Kate of chocolate!

    Love the story of the library. You are brave to even attempt it. I have been there with 3 of them before, but we definitely didn't stay for long. The video is awesome too!

  2. Boys + quiet = error message --- I love it!

    Thankfully, we live in a small town with wonderful librarians who seem to like us, despite the fact that 4 boys' idea of quiet is, uh, anything but.

    I love the picture of Moses!!!
    Miss you!!!

  4. Thanks Jennifer...I hope they fall in love with us...I'm so worried about them not liking me, but the kids have to learn somewhere [to be quiet].



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