Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Friday, Run Around In Your Underwear

Mornings. They come too early...especially Friday mornings. Part of me Thursday night is thinking "it's almost the weekend...which means I get to sleep in soon so I'll just stay up extra late", but for some reason that doesn't help me Friday morning.

But this does.

Solomon is always my first to wake up. Always. Since-the-day-he-was-born. He has some internal alarm clock that goes off hours before anyone else's in the house. We decided to keep him anyways.

When he was an infant I'd put his bouncy seat in my bed and go back to sleep. When he was a baby I'd put him in the pack and play and let him watch an episode [...or two] of Blues Clues. Now, with three, they just get into too much trouble. So when they're up...more or less...I have to be up too. Before Moses was born he would crawl into bed with me at 7am and just lay next to me for a little bit letting me wake up and his first two words for the day would always be "Juice" "Blues". Lately, it's "Juice" "Bibleman". 

This week's You Capture photo subject was "Mornings".
I took these [unposed] pictures this morning.

We wake up. We snuggle with Mommy.

We kiss. We pick our nose. We pass gas.

We yawn. We crawl. We try to avoid getting sat on.

We are babygated in.

This is the only way Mommy can get Moses to nurse without being fully distracted by two toddlers competing for his attention.
[and Mommy can read a few blogs]

We leave precious presents for Mommy on...
 the couch
the floor
her clothes
I gave all my burp cloths away with the other two, but Moses has proved to be quite the

Nation strips off all his clothes and wears only his underwear.
[thank you 9-year-old Uncle Noah for teaching him this]

We jump from bed to bed while Mom cleans up.

We ask mommy so nicely she can't say no... [broken] lightsaber fights.

And that, my friends, is a morning in my life.


  1. Where's the "love" button??? Tell me more about You Capture...

  2. Love your mornings routines! I don't think I could do this because I am too lazy in the morning to take pictures. ha ha

  3. I LOVE all your pix!! I get frustrated at times b/c recently David does not want me to take his pix. Everytime he sees me with a camera, he turns the other way! I wanna smack him!!! LOL!! Doesn't he realize I am trying to capture a memory of my sweet baby boy who is not such a baby anymore??? Waaahhhh!!

  4. This is such a wonderful morning (except the spit up)! The pictures are excellent!

  5. Kym, that is Solomon. Have you noticed most of my pictures are Nation? Solomon puts his hands up or turns away. Sigh.

    Teresa, thanks!

  6. Oh my heart. You make being the mom of three boys look easy! They are so cute : ) I love the pictures. Especially the bed jumping :) I know your house is always full of fun and happiness. Very, very sweet post! Love it!

  7. what cute pictures! great memories captured!

  8. and go to youcapture part and see what her "subject" is. Example: Mornings. Within the week, devote a picture or few to that topic and put in your blog. Just make a hyperlink somewhere in your post back to youcapture. Then add your name to that big list at the bottom of youcapture. That way people can find your blog and check out your take on "mornings". Basically blog carnivals are to get more people reading your blogs :) Because they find you by reading all the posts.

  9. I love your mornings! I specially love that everyone sneaks into mom's bed for snuggling. I LOVE having all my boys (including the hubs) for snuggling in my bed.

  10. You have some sweet babies! With 3 (and soon 4) boys in my house, we know alllll about the light saber fights with broken light sabers :)

  11. Thank you everyone from YouCapture...I've been checking out y'alls blogs too!

  12. I am totally relating to the kids getting up early. When there was one, I put her in my room in the pack and play and rested. With two, they came into my bed and watched tv while I rested. With three, I'm up, unfortunately usually way too early!
    Great shots!

  13. Oh, I love that you included a few underwear shots. I can't get my three year old to keep his pants on either! I figure that will take care of itself when our harsh winter arrives. Hee hee! Summer was made for naked bodies!



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