Sunday, February 14, 2016

Homeschooling with Lauren: Podcast Episode 8


This episode I interview my friend, Lauren, who is deciding to potentially homeschool her 4 & 1 year old in the fall. Please enjoy our mostly uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. 

We cover my philosophy on how preschool aged kids should be educated up through later elementary [aka to push worksheets or not to push worksheets]. Charlotte Mason theories, little boys and the wiggles, getting outside, art, field trips, Classical Conversations and curriculums such as: My Fathers World, Abeka, Sonlight, and other free online curriculums [including sites, apps, and additional materials for pre-k and k children]. 

This is a great podcast to listen to if you are wondering if you should put your child in pre-k or not, and if you homeschool them exactly how much to do/spend and what is evolved. Last, but not least, my regrets, and lessons learned over the years teaching my little ones pre-k & k. 

If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry.

In addition, you can refer to previous articles on my blog about pre-k & kindergarten


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