Wednesday, April 29, 2015

That Time The Mother Duck And I Understood Each Other

Recently I took my kids to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens [because I love field trips for the obvious reason---keeping my house clean an entire day while we are out of it]. The day was beautiful, the kids were surprisingly well behaved--- no one fell into water, damaged any plants and we only lost a few kids a few times. I got 5 of us in for the price of one, and brought a lunch so naturally I'll relay this trip to my husband as [practically] free. Ha.

At the end of the day, we were by a pond when a mother was on a little island in the middle of it with her nearly dozen ducklings when just like a scene out of a cartoon a duckling fell clumsily into the water.

I swear I saw her eyes roll.

I am not a duck, but in that moment, I wish I spoke duck, because I wanted her to know "oh girl, I get you, I get your life".

I am sure she felt just like me when one child has to suddenly go potty and we must pull over and all 5 of us un-seat belt----relocate our shoes and all go into the germ infested tight space where inevitably someone will comment about how large my bottom is.

So back to the duck.

She couldn't go rescue the one duckling and risk the others hurting themselves in the mean time so she "unloaded" all ducklings into the water, they followed her and then she redirected them all back onto the island once "that child" was rescued.

[We all have that child]

Just at that moment I caught his image of her.

Tell me she isn't saying to me with her eyes "I mean...really?"

Mama Duck, we live in the same mama world, with the slight difference that I do not poop outside nor isn't it socially acceptable for me to be naked and braless in public, other than that.

Mama Duck, I get your life.


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