Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Father's World Second Grade

You can view a sample lesson here.
In addition to the Adventures curriculum, we use...
READING & SPELLING: Explode the Code
HISTORY: additionally suggested...
-Check out Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video, etc for great US history DVD's & online videos to support your weekly subjects
Learn Our History DVD's are great too [quality is okay, but content is good]

-You get an overview of US history with interesting reading material & books
-Worksheet work is light
-Learning the names of God
-Easy to pull younger children into lessons
-My son enjoys the art & science
-Pace is nice, although my child is a young 7, so older children might find it too easy, but mine is not a great reader yet so it was challenging
-You could probably save yourself the money and download a few dollar apps to study the states, check out US history books from library, and find the crafts on Pinterest, but for the sake of time--- it is nice they organize it all for you
-I didn't feel enough time was given in lesson plans to deeply study each state, but then again, I didn't find much extra time to go deeper in study with the states on my own
Blogs I recommend:
Train Them Up [pics week by week of all things in the curriculum]
Little Natural Cottage [links you to other MFW bloggers]

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