Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday #118

Thankful This Week For...

1. Charles coming home from NYC [just missing hurricane Sandy] after being gone a week
2. My mom & sitter for helping me get through the week
3. Our church fall festival
4. Three new pairs of shoes [I've been wearing flip flops for years and not bought shoes since 2008]
5. My first [milk/caffeine] Chai since Heaven was born and it didn't upset her tummy either!
6. My blog site is about to get a face lift [it's in the works as I write]
7. A date day with Charles [which consists of him holding the baby while I run errands in the stores]
8. Grocery shopping kidless for the first time since Heaven was born
9. Remembering I have facetime and showing off Heaven with it
10. Halloween candy! photos

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  1. I'm thankful you linked for me :)

    Sisters are awesome. Good plan.

    Love the pictures! :) Miss y'all! I was looking for someone for a playdate the other day and ended up taking the girls to the mall to play. Thought of you.

  2. where did the shoes come from? i am in need... love them :)

  3. Cute shoes :), can't wait to see your new blog look.



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