Friday, October 5, 2012

A Letter From Daddy About Heaven

What could I say here that would tell the story of what I’m truly feeling? Despite all of my faults and mistakes and mishaps and failures…..God decided to give me a precious baby girl. A daughter…….after He’s already blessed me with a treasured wife and three unbelievable sons. I truly don’t know the full width and height and depth of how blessed I am. It could never be measured.

My wife and I have a custom as it turns out. :) We do think about names for our children before they’re born, of course, but we’ve waited until after the birth to name our first three boys. This sweet girl followed suit. As it has happened for the fourth time in a row now, I suppose I’ll try to describe how we’ve come to pick the child’s name:

Using the names we’ve prayed about before that day------the possibilities :)------- I’ll be in constant prayer throughout the entire laboring period….from the time Candra has her first contractions until she gives birth. Of course, this period of time has the tendency to last for hours, so it gives me plenty of time to meditate and just listen to God. It turns out that my heart can hear God more clearly during my children’s birthdays than on most any other days. Some of the most profound truths I’ve heard in sermons, at church, in books, through movies, etc……they seem to especially make their home in my heart when God speaks them to me during the labors and births my children. 


From the early morning yesterday when my wife woke me up with contractions, I was thinking, “the Kingdom of Heaven reigns.” I kept thinking, “no matter what the plans of the enemy, the Kingdom of Heaven is here. My God in Heaven reigns over all the earth and everything in it…..including my enemy, and God’s angels encamp all around me and my family.” 

By the way, I should clarify something, now, to anyone reading this who doesn’t know the Lord yet. You’re probably skeptical of what I just said. You might ask, “how does he know that God even exists……let alone that He has a Kingdom? How does Charles know he even has an enemy from which he needs God’s protection?”

All I can tell you is what I’ve seen and heard. God is real, and He is a Spirit. He speaks to us when our Spirit has come alive....and our Spirit comes alive when we hear the truth and believe it from the heart. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, as it is written in the Bible, is the truth. Everything Jesus said in those pages is the truth. Jesus, Himself, even proclaimed that He, alone, is “the Truth.” It may be hard to accept or understand at first, but Jesus declared himself as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life…..” and that no one comes to God except through Him. I know this to be true because the Spirit of God has shown Himself to me in real and undeniable ways after I chose to believe this Gospel to be true.

Jesus referred to His gospel (which means, “good news”) as “the Gospel of the Kingdom.” This is because He described Heaven as an unseen “Kingdom” of which He is the King. There is another kingdom on earth that Jesus described which is also unseen, but it radically affects the lives of billions of people every day. This other kingdom is led by an enemy to God named Satan, and Satan’s missional objective is to seek out ways to tragically steal from, deceive, and ultimately destroy people. Just…..people. He hates people because we were created “in the image of God.” Since he hates God, he goes around trying to keep as many people from knowing the truth as he possibly can…….so he can destroy them.

We named our daughter Heaven Reigns Georgi. She’s a reminder to us that Jesus is our King, and His kingdom reigns over everything else. No matter what comes against us, Jesus will win. What a testimony she’ll carry with her throughout her life……a comfort in times of struggle…..a word of truth spoken whenever her name is called. Thank you, Lord, for making such a beautiful person and for entrusting her to us. We’re excited to see her name prove true for as long as we all shall live…..and long (forever) after that. 

-Charles Georgi

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