Monday, July 16, 2012

Gatorama - Palmdale, FL -

Single handedly the most terrifying thing I've ever taken my children to. Gatorama. Which of course means my kids thought it was AWESOME. Maybe even more so than my husband. Tight competition there. I live with 3 boys and one man. I, was imagining them falling over the bridge of death over and over again being feasted on my 100 crocodiles thinking they were a slice of bread...while they, were imagining how awesome it would be to wrestle them. Case study: differences in sexes.

My blood pressure only lowered when we had "walked the plank" and were over the bridge that hung over the water of hungry alligators, and were in the "zoo" area. It's called solid ground, with fences and wires to keep my kids from...dying.

I know I sound like "that mom", which I'm not, but for those few minutes...I was. How on earth can you contain a 2,4, and 6 year old boy from climbing over a few feet high wooden edge [especially when your husband is equally mesmerized]... prayer. And lots of "put your hands back in" "don't climb" "stay close to me" "don't do that", etc etc. We were told the alligators would jump out of the water the length of their bodies--- not comforting as my husband attempted to see if they really would and kids followed in suit.

I may or may not have threatened to take us all back to the car. He stopped. We proceeded.

Spoiler: I later returned home with all 3 boys and a husband. Everyone's limbs still intact.


  1. oh my. even josh put his hand over his mouth and said they should have better fencing/railing. glad you made it over the plank safe and sound, but i'm sure it was lots of fun for them to see so many gators that close and to hold one!

  2. Candra, Greetings from Lala land. Wanted to say we just happened to fall upon your entry about Gatorama. I loved it. It gave my husband and I a wonder perspective....YOURS. We especially loved the picture of your "boys" peering through the bridge floor. Glad y'all enjoyed our Gatorama. If your ever back in this area...come see all the improvements we've made over the last 18 months. Thanks again



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