Sunday, April 15, 2012

16 Weeks

I turned 16 weeks this weekend with pregnancy #4 [as well as 28 years old!]. I'm feeling good. Nausea has been gone for about a month so still I'm attempting to regain a normal life. I've been trying to hop on the elliptical everyday for 30-60 minutes, but have ended up about only 3 days a week. So I hope to increase this. I'm adding lots more water back into my life, not as much veggies as I need though.

I had my first midwife appoint at my house on Saturday. All was great. Gained 7 pounds. My urine test was all clear. My blood pressure was low & good. Found the babies heart beat & midwife heard 3 movements. I'm measuring on schedule and it looks like one baby.

On Monday I felt the baby move while sitting at the table doing homeschool. I wasn't sure if I really did or not, but sure enough it's happen several more times this week---including what I can only describe as a larger movement or kick when I squatted once to pick up toys and apparently squished the baby. Ha.

I look forward to the next few weeks enjoying all the fluttering and then kicks!



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