Monday, December 12, 2011

Dr. Jesus [31 Things I Know]

This I know...
Dr. Jesus my main practitioner.

I say that mostly joking. If you know me, you know I'm more of a natural person than a medical person. It wasn't always that way and I'm not even entirely sure where it all started. Here, let me write out loud and try to remember...

I grew up not going to the Dr. too regularly, but didn't really use any homeopathic medicines until maybe high school, but still not too many. My mom took me to chiropractor & gave me supplements my last few years living with maybe that planted the seed of "going against the medical grain" thoughts. I've written before about how in college I was a nanny to a family who taught me more about organic and natural living. I explored some. But when I met Charles it all expanded...

Before we were even married I was calling him a pilgrim. He was wanting us to have lots of kids, homebirth, homeschool and not have medical insurance. Jesus was our great physician and healing was our medicine of choice. I sound like I'm kidding or exaggerating or even making fun of him, but I'm not. This is really what my making his own bread while single husband was [is] like. I think it became kinda a google search hobby for us. Whenever we had a medical issue we would just look it up, and then pray. Or vis versa. We didn't schedule an appointment right away, although we were willing to go to the Dr. when necessary, especially for the kids. However, to our surprise [or expectation] we just didn't have to go a lot.

Maybe an difficult ear infection here or there, but only maybe once or twice a year for our whole family. We take supplements, see a great chiropractor, eat healthy, and pray a lot. Through the last 6 years I've read a lot, and seen a lot to know---you can't always just do what you're told. It's good to read up on subjects for yourself, and not go into a Dr. office blindly. Yes, the medical community is amazing and life saving when necessary, but in general, I think we have to be cautious to be quick to be compliant. It's good to have an opinion, have questions, or be hesitant to try to latest drug or shot.

If I could offer some advice it would be that possibly we should rely on Dr. Jesus [and Dr. Google] a little more often than Dr. I know what's best for you so don't ask questions. Sometimes they know better than us, but sometimes we have a gut feeling---it's just not for ourself or our family. 

So mommies, may I kindly suggest, you make medical decisions with much prayer, and knowledge, and little "sure whatever you say---you're the Dr. after all". Be blessed, be healthy---live long and serve Him!



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