Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday #68

Thankful This Week For:

1. Remembering it's Thursday before midnight [sorry!]

2. That a Mac Book is large so should *in theory* be easy to locate somewhere in my house...eventually...seems I've lost mine today

3. Thanksgiving is next week!

4. Motivations of love and not fear

5. NatGeoWild, it's Nation's new TV network he loves

6. That I *think* the last of the humidity & heat is gone...November, it's almost Christmas #takenote

7. That after three times of doing so, I'm not standing outside freezing waiting to get into a midnight Twlight movie. Ahh, my warm bed, and seeing the movie---on a much later date. Ha!

8. For everything that gets cleaned and organized, even if short lived, it's appreciated for those few mintues before---I shove more things back into the junk drawer so full you can't open it---again!

9. Boots, who have kindly hid my very semi-peeling/painted toe nails [hopeful a pedicure is in my future]

10. Texting, it's a way I take a "mommy break" and catch up with friends without having to scream over all the kids so the person on the phone can hear my words

What are [were? since it's so late] you thankful for this week?
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  1. so excited thanksgiving is next week! i agree with the texting! lol!! :)

  2. I have many a friend who went to that midnight showing! :)



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