Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 63

Thankful This Week For...

1. Biggest thankful is that our small group leaders---after 2 years in the local adoption process---got THE phone call this week and are bringing home a newborn girl tomorrow morning! We are so excited. We've prayed, cried, and waited with them for a long time now and all of us are overjoyed.

2. My husband coming home tonight, it's been a LONG week without him. Thankful for his help.

3. My babysitter who came to my rescue 3 nights [once for bible study & twice for me to go to gym]

4. Which brings me to #4, that I got to take a Yoga & Pilates class! 

5. The cool weather that is moving in as I type

6. The six ladies at my Beth Moore bible study table this Fall, Oh my how I love them. They are the perfect combination between transparent and hilariousness. 

7. Only one more week of homeschool soccer. The soccer has been great---the getting ready/driving and being away from home from 11 to 4 has not. Hard to finish school work and kids missing those nap times. Probably won't do this again.

8. God's wisdom. He's so faithful to bring fresh and practical words to me just when I need them. And I need them... a lot.

9. For all Moses' words and the cuteness of them uttered: "No" [of course], "Katie" "Solomon" "Nation" "Grandma" "Baby" "Please" "Thank You" "Cracker" "Cookie" "Bye" "Hi" and his two favorite words, "Ma Ma" and "Da Da"

10. For the stranger who found my wallet in a parking lot and contacted me via google to return it


  1. Yes, but it's only really sometimes like outside playing time, etc. If he just peed or pooped sometimes I'll just put undies on him like his brothers. If he pees outside in his undies it isn't the end of the world. Sometimes he wears them indoors, but then just pees everywhere ; )

    I put him on the potty daily [at 18 months], but it will probably be another year or 1.5 years before he's trained. I'm a slow trainer, ha ha. He's never gone potty on the potty.

  2. love the pictures of your littlest man! he is so cute! woot for yoga and pilates class! i have always wanted to take a class like that! :)

  3. My hubby got back today after a long week away. Yay for hubbies coming home!!!



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