Monday, October 24, 2011

On Activities and Peace

Sometimes I'm torn between the hustle of "opportunities" out there for my kids and the sanctuary of home. Music lessons, sports, clubs, classes...the list goes on. For three years we've played soccer and it hasn't been too much a burden. One practice, possibly one game. This year we did homeschool soccer, and aside from it taking up 11-4 of my homeschooling Thursday---the kids enjoyed it. [ha!]

As my kids are getting older I'm spying out the "opportunities" out there and weighing the cost. 

I asked myself the other day, "What really develops Christlike character in my children?" I started to make a mental list:

1. Hearing The Word
2. Praying together
3. Talking about things we're thankful for
4. One-on-one wisdom talks with daddy
5. Daily life lessons with mommy
6. Living with siblings [learning sharing--putting others first--kindness--forgiveness]

Seeing as how most of my list happens at home---I started to feel a little better about my [to some] limited activities for the kids. I want my kids to make friends, and I don't want them to be sheltered, but at the same time---

I don't want them to spend most of their life out of the home either. Most of their time---in the car---going from this place to that, or with so-and-so, and not---me, my husband, and their siblings.

This isn't a judgement on those who like to stay busier than myself, but for me---I am easily overwhelmed by my house load if I'm gone too much. Peace is quickly sacrificed when my space is backed up, crumby and neglected. I'm not one to keep a spotless house, but I do value a peaceful one.

Are they out there? Moms who can take there kids to lots of activities, instill Christ's character, and still keep a peaceful home? Yes! I know them, but I'm not them. If you're like me, let's not try to be them---some of us---we'll, we're more prone to rush, anxiety and overwhelming ourselves.

Let's be free---to be us. 

As it is, meals are already hard enough to come by, but the value I've already seen when we sit around a table---no where to be, no rush. Remembering life isn't a constant emergency. Is worth it.

I suppose I say all this to say---possibly let us rethink why we do what we do with our kids. Is it truly adding the character and value to them we'd hoped when we signed up, signed that check and driven back and forth weekly? Or is it "what we do" with kids?

Certainly there is a balance. I'd love to find it. We're just stepping into this season of activities with our coming of age children, so now more than ever I want to get this right---prayerfully---the first time.

I want to say YES to things that bring my children closer to Christ,
and NO to things that busy up our life.
Things that leave us all feeling
a bit tired, a bit rushed, and a bit further from knowing Him well.

What about you? 
How do you handle the balance between kids activities and a Christ-centered home?


  1. True dat, Mama. I am with you on this one... while I totally "get" why and how other mamas make it work to have their kids do a lot of activities, I have to choose less for our family. And I only have two kids! haha

  2. Baby D and I like this post!!!! a lot :) just sayin

  3. I let my Kids choose one thing at a time.... That way we don't get crazy busy and they have to choose the thing they are most interested in or passionate about.




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