Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Indoor Activity: Moon Sand

I know what you're thinking...
moon sand + indoors = giant mess

Well you aren't exactly wrong about that.

However, I found this to be a great activity during the cold winter months, and days like today where it's 3 degrees from 100. Gives my boys something creative and busy to do indoors.

Using this roll-under-your-bed-tub does help contain the mess somewhat more than playing with it on the table.

I sweep the area before they play so that afterwards I can sweep any mess up and if it's clean I put it back into the tub...if it's mixed in with other messes I toss and still consider it money well spent.

I bought Moon Sand in bulk from Amazon, but you can also buy it at FatBrain Toys and these little tools for them to play with. They also like hiding buttons in it and playing "treasure hunt".

What has been your families moon sand experience?


  1. Love moon sand in the rubbermaid containers. even if it spills on carpet, it doesnt stain and I can vacuum it up! But... we got moon dough last time and its awful! it does stain the carpet and even stained the table where caitlin was playing w/it! lesson learned.. its moon sand, play dough, or perler beads for us!

  2. You are a good mom! I think sand in the house might put me over the edge. But, it sounds like the moon sand cleans up better than regular sand so maybe I will get brave. :) Your boys are adorable. I have a 3-year-old and 1-year-old little boy of my own. :)

  3. You are such a fun, creative mom!

  4. thanks Krista! i mean, when i have 4 more, i might just make them play outside all day because that's a lot of kids and sand ; )

  5. grumpy, yes, moon sand is better. yay for boys!

  6. Moon Sand=Huge Mess, but so does play doh, moon dough, painting, modeling clay, finger painting, etc.

    Kids craft stuff is so much fun to them and worth the mess. I just can't do it everyday.



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