Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday 9


I'm down exactly two pounds from last week. When I got off the scale this morning at the meeting I told the lady she must have the wrong person's information on the scale---maybe the person before me---there is now way I lost two pounds this week.

I did make more of an effort to count all my points everyday---but then the weekend came and we had chocolate biscuit goodness [LivingFree we need the recipe!] at the homebirth meeting and my moms birthday dinner at Papposito's. Did you know you can get shrimp stuffed with a pepper, wrapped in cheese and bacon and then a side of butter to dip it in? Yes you can. Blow points. Oh, and Tres Leches [best dessert in Atlanta!].

I'm excited to be moved in a week into a neighborhood with sidewalks! I'm really hopeful to do some more walking for the upcoming Weight Watchers 5K Walk It program. Anyone wanna walk with me? [Martin Mommy?]

Things I did right this week:

1. Moving
I suppose the last two days of packing up our house earned me lots of activity points. So if you've hit a weight plateau maybe you should pack up your whole house in boxes and then unpack them. Just a thought.


  1. I can personally attest that moving will torch calories. I lost four pounds one week that we moved. And we're moving again in a month (this time for good!) so I'm looking forward to burning some calories again.

  2. Here is the recipe:

    I'll walk with you.



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