Monday, April 4, 2011

How To [not] Prepare for Baby Dedication

Yesterday, Moses [just turned 1] was dedicated at church. The day before that, was my homebirth meeting and moms birthday. Back to back. This is where I'm going to blame those [both fun] parties on why I was not prepared Sunday. Ha.

Sunday morning, we wake, not late, but certainly not early. I'm determined all the boys will match. Now, to find the clothes I should have laid out...

Nation's shorts: in a bag in my closet from the weekend before [dirty]

Solomon's shorts: in a dirty pile by the back door because he played outside in them [dirty]

Moses' shorts: fresh out of the laundry [clean]

Nation's shirt: very dirty and muddy, spray and rinse in sink. dry for 30 minutes [didn't dry fully]

Solomon's shirt: hanging up

Moses' shirt: in a drawer

All the boys shoes are outside and dirty. Dust off. Shoes, will not match today people.

I dress, Charles dresses, neither of us iron. 

Everyone gets in the car 5 minutes late and none of us have eaten breakfast.

No time for Starbucks.


Big sigh.

Nation's shirt is damp so we drive 15 minutes while Charles holds it out the window. Get to church and it's still wet so I lay it outside in the sun with a note "please don't move I'm drying this shirt because I'm an unprepared mom"

Camera is dead, video camera is almost dead. Bring chargers---charged in church bathroom during worship.

The boys didn't end up going up on stage with us as planned---but I do hope someone noticed they all matched. I really really hope so.

Kind friends took the pictures and video taped.

Moses was dedicated.

Several [humorous] comments were made from the pulpit by the pastor about his middle name: Braveheart.

War paint.

End of story.

My step dad, half brother, my husband & kiddos. "The Males"

---never a dull moment---


  1. I promise that I noticed how they all matched and even wondered to myself where you got the cute outfits :-) You have a beautiful family.

  2. i think your boys matched beautifully. :)

  3. I've had other people read your blog, well because the stories sound much like the ones I tell about our family and in the last half hour I have been told by several people at work, that we are DEFINITELY related. Like there was any doubt! We have done the hang the shorts, socks, leggings, and underwear out the window to dry!

  4. Well, they looked precious if that helps!!! ;)

  5. Too funny! I used to go to those lengths to get everyone to match, now I'm happy if we get out the door with clothes and shoes on. Very cute photos of the three of them together.

  6. Moses' middle name is Braveheart? How cute!



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