Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday 4


After 7 days of never-once officially tracking my points on my phone *gasp* I still managed to loose 2.2 pounds. I mentally tried to stay within what I knew to be my points allotted and I guess I did pretty good.

They "rewarded me" by taking away a point. *tear*

That brings my previous 32 points down to 31 points and then add in my 7 for nursing I've now gone from 39 points to 38 points. I think I'll nurse him until he's 3 now to keep my extra points ; ) [jk]

I am not exercising [yet], but plan to once we find out more about our moving situation I feel as though we are in a big transition. I love to work out, but it's an issue of time for us right now. And I'm waiting to playteau. I met a women this week who was about my size who had about the same amount of weight to lose and she started in November and was already down 30+ pounds. However, she is now running 6 miles a day 6 days a week to keep the scale moving...I really hope it doesn't come to that for me. Yikes.

I wrote my points down yesterday and today so hopefully I will keep this up through the week. Thanks for reading y'all, it's really motivating to know I have to "answer to" you guys every week. I love me some competition and accountability.

This Weeks Tips:

1. Pee before you weigh in [just kidding, but I think that's where my .2 came from]

2. Tell someone when you loose/gain so you can have some encouragement and accountability if you don't go to meetings

3. Buy the items you love in smaller sizes. This week I bought mini-bagels and had one with the mini-travel-size cream cheese. This helped with portion control.

4. Check out Weight Watchers website for ideas on things like Sandwich Thins. I bought some this week.

5. Go check out Gina's Skinny Recipes & Hungry Girl & Southern Savers for great point calculated meals & menus!


  1. 1 pound at a time!! what is your motivation?

  2. This lady does WW Wed too. She's HI-LARIOUS.

  3. 6 years ago i lost 65 pounds with weight watchers! every little pound adds up! :)

  4. Great post. I will be experiencing some of these issues as well.

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