Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#30]

hmm...what am I thankful for? [our friends daughter]

Thankful This Week For:
1. Having our family invited over for dinner [me not having to cook!]
2. Last minute dinner with my best friend who lives out of town [flight attendant]
3. The weather. The boys have been spending the majority of their days out back.
4. A four & two year old who can clean...when properly motivated.
5. A husband who can fix things...and is willing to. Our SUV keeps falling apart. This week...the AC again, driver seat only leans all the way back, and cruise control is broke.
6. That I get to go paint tonight with a friend. Hopefully scrapbooking makes its way back into my life this millennium too.
7. For more weight loss...even if it's turtle slow.
8. My pre-k/k new homeschool mommie friends who are so encouraging [and great!] 
9. Tom & Jerry. A cartoon I can stand hearing...classical music verses obnoxiously loud talking.
10. Our granola family finding favor with a last minute pediatric visit. It's always nice to be seen without being yelled at.


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  1. The weather has been wonderful! What exactly is a granola family? I notice you use that term a lot and I'm not sure what it means.

  2. Pediatricians yelled at you? Why???

  3. I have totally missed the "mention this blog" portion of linking up to you. Sorry! And when it comes to weight loss, as Hank always tells me..."slow and steady, slow and steady! Be the tortoise, not the hare." :)

  4. awww, what a cute pic! i might be homeschooling my son this coming school year (i haven't heard back from the preschool to see if there is a spot for him) so if you have advice i would love it! :) :)

  5. Vara, well we've just had some Dr.'s be very judgmental about our choices in health care. Once was severely scorned for circumcising.

    LivingFree, it means like health nutty. You know hippish. Organic, Non-mainstream medical, etc.

    Mommy R., we need to talk, but I've got a kid running around with his tush showing---will talk soon.



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