Monday, February 28, 2011

Painting, Sewing, Reading Oh My

I feel as though I might need to make a personal update here. I've been posting a lot of photos, informational posts and such.

Sundays...we've been attempting to get to church more on time, with little avail, but there is a attempt. Solomon almost always cries as we round the corner and starts saying "I don't want to see my teachers" or "I don't want to dance to the songs." However, I've never caught him doing anything, but having a blast in there. Nation still walks to the beat of his own drum a bit in class I hear, but has been in less trouble. Moses, he's my third, so he's easy and never cries. He's moved up to big baby room since he's walking [when he wants to]. We use to go out for lunch, but usually just go home now---have lunch, nap and play.

Mondays...I usually should be attempting to grocery shop this day [or the previous day], but other than that it's our day to clean our weekend house and figure out week out. The shock of Charles gone slowly sets in. Last monday evening I met some other homeschool moms of prek/k kids for coffee. We had a great time and learned a lot from one another.

Tuesdays...sometimes we do playdates, sometimes [like last week] we do 10 loads of laundry. Thankfully we were invited over for dinner this past Tuesday so after all the folding I didn't have to make dinner too.

Wednesdays...pretty much over the last year [minus Ohio] the four of us head out at 9:15 am [in theory] to be at our church from 9:30-11:30 for the women's Beth Moore bible study. Currently we're doing the study of David. Afterwards the kids and I almost always grab our weekly Chick-fil-A. Followed by a little outside time, nap and later that evening my Weight Watchers meeting & weigh in.

Thursdays...tend to be a bit like Tuesdays. If there aren't too many dishes or clothes stacked up we leave the house to do something fun. Last Thursday night I went to Sips N Strokes with a friend and painted [photo above.]

Fridays...tend to be like Tuesdays & Thursdays, but this past Friday I had a three hour tutorial on an embroidery machine I recently inherited. I have this to show for is:

Also, we have small group Friday evenings from 7-10pm. We take our kids over to play with about 20+ other kids. Our small group is quickly growing into a small church. Always a great time of worship, sharing The Word, and praying for one another.

Saturdays...are usually full of "around the house" projects and birthday parties. This past week I hosted my monthly [in theory] Christian Homebirth Meeting while Charles took the kids to a birthday party. I believe I had about 14 women over. Either way, my midwife was there and I miss her so in between babies. We discussed all things birth, and watched two birth videos [one which was mine]. Afterwards, Charles & I went out to dinner with a few couples from church. I heart date nights. I ate salmon instead of pasta with no dessert. I'm really trying y'all!

Other things you could live without knowing...I'm making my way slowly through 1000 gifts. Have enjoyed using Prayers That Avail Much several times this week when praying through difficult situations. And am struggling to keep up with my Beth Moore homework from David. I love/hate the homework. One word: college. 

I'm also debating starting potty training [again] with Solomon.

What have you been up to? Whatcha readin'?


  1. hi your painting! that was the first one i did at S&S. that place is much fun!

    i'm impressed with your monogramming skills. all i can do is sew but monogramming would be awesome (and save some serious cash).

    i am just starting self talk, soul talk by jennifer far, so good :)

  2. You are a busy lady! I'm impressed with your painting. I envy your embroidery machine. I'd love to have one. Of coarse I don't have the time to learn to use it at the moment. Let me know when you are ready to tackle some projects. I need new towels with the kid's names on them. My mom bleached ours, when she was helping with the laundry, and messed them up :( Just finished reading "I Will Carry You" by Angie Smith, next in the stack is "One Thousand Gifts", I love Anne's message, but find her style of writing very difficult to read.



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