Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mystery Rash

Moses celebrated turning 11 months today with a mystery rash.

He woke up with a large rash on both legs yesterday morning. In 24 hours it has spread pretty much everywhere, but under his diaper and lightly on face.

That we know of...he's eaten nothing different, or be exposed to new products.

He's had no fever. Happy. Playing. Napping & Sleeping all night. Eats & Nurses.

I decided to take him [for the first time] to the Dr. because I was concerned maybe it was a skin infection or staph. He'd gotten a cut on his face on Sunday.

Thankfully, I ended up at a "granola" tolerate practice, but no one could figure out what the rash was from. We're just going to sit tight since he's feeling well and hope it was just an irritation from someones clothes or carpet, etc. However, they did discover he had a very bad ear infection [8 out of 10 bad]. Without insurance they very kindly only charge $50.

Third child. So easy. Never complains or cries...I had no idea. So he's on antibiotics for 10 days now for that. Thankfully Publix now offers free antibiotics!

Appreciate your prayers for complete healing and mystery solved.


  1. David used to get Double Ear Infections as bad as that with NO complaints. I always felt bad like I missed a sign or something. Some kids just have a high tolerance. I hope Moses gets better quickly!

  2. I know there are probably hundreds of things it could be, but my 5 year old had a mystery rash before Christmas with no other symptoms. It would also come and go. There in the morning. Gone at lunchtime. Back at bedtime.

    It turned out to be 'slapped cheek'. A few days later he got the characteristic red, rosy cheeks.

    It is contagious but only before the rash appears. None of our other boys had it but a few weeks earlier his cousins had had it and their doctor had said it was a mystery virus.

    Like I said, just a suggestion.

  3. Inisfree has had a couple "mystery rashes". One was a viral rash and it went away on it's own. When she was baby/toddler she used to get a rash all over several times a year.... It was a heat rash... She just was sensitive to heat and clothing.... Looked a lot like your picture.

  4. I was actually just reading that they are trying to get doctors to stop prescribing antibiotics for ear infections, because they are almost useless in the ear. Try warming coconut or olive oil with garlic and put a few drops in his ear every few hours. The ear when they are this young is almost avascular, so there is not a lot of blood flow, hence antibiotics being pointless. The warmth speeds up circulation to the ear and coconut oil is antifungal. Also try putting cocnut oil on the rash, it really is a miracle!!! I truly hope he gets better!!!

  5. Candra! My little guy had a mystery rash and we took him to the doctor and finally I figured out I had switched to Target generic diapers and that was what caused it! Crazy. So now he's back in pampers and that cleared it up in a few days. I hope your little man get's all healed up!!!!

  6. maybe the meds will clear up the rash, too. My oldest got Mystery Rashes. (my middle would get the nasty double-ear infections with no 'symptoms'- always made me feel like bad mom.)

  7. awww! poor babe! what a tough guy for not complaining!! hope the rash clears up! :)

  8. Candra, if the rash proves to simply be sensitive or itchy skin, this lotion has been a life-saver for us.
    It's pricy, but worth every penny to see those nasty rashes going away.



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