Friday, January 7, 2011

Only In Texas...

We left my dad's ranch at noon today. But not before using the tractor to lift our two deer in the ice chest on top of our SUV...

...only in Texas, right?

[Okay so maybe not only in Texas, but humor me...]

Only Texas...

...has the perfect shaped state

...has a flag that greatly resembles the US flag (coincidence?, I think not)

...needs no sign to let you know you've entered it...just look for the big hair

...highways look like a truck lot

...has Whataburger

...where Walmart=the mall

...has less break-ins because thieves know every member [over age of 5] owns their own gun

...where horses are the house pet

...where your sissy dirt stains meet real red dirt stains

...has a Belts-Buckles-Boots uniform requirement

...where "Y'all" is formal speech

...has "Green" homes aka trailers...smaller space=less energy home to Beth Moore

...where kids don't play with tractor toys they drive 'em

...where country music sounds better on the radio then anywhere else in-the-world

...someone carries your groceries out even when you only two bags

...everyone who passes you stops to help you with your flat tire


Y'all know my-big-hair-deer-eating-self was born and raised
in this great state. I feel like I have Sarah Palin Alaska pride for it.

It's been one adventurous travel day, stay tuned for that post...can't write it yet...trips
not over...

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  1. Did you know I'm a Texan too??? :) Born in Lubbock, where the tumbleweeds roll.

  2. Great list... I love Beth Moore and I have two friends who live in TX

  3. Funny and true. I moved out here to Texas from California three years ago to help a chuch
    (children's ministry). It was God's idea to move out here not mine. Not sure how long we will stay.

  4. I moved to Texas 13 years ago. I love it here.

  5. I was never one of the kids with a USA fixation until I studied American Social Policy in my final year at university. Then I got so geeky about American history, politics and culture (I mean the true development of real US cultures - not just Disney) it's almost embarrassing.

    Texas always seems to me to be one of the most misrepresented states. Hmmm... Still saving my pennies for the year-long road trip around America to drag the kids on, though!



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