Friday, January 14, 2011

Ironic Observations On Cruise

Ironic Observations On Cruise

1. An All Korean band that plays everything from Elvis to Black Eye Peas and Kenny Chesney to Frank Sinatra. [Without foreign accents]

2. Someone laughed at my "I don't know" response when I answered their question "Where is the gym?"

3. I gave the [foreign] bartender a quick lesson on the reason why I drink Coke over Diet Coke. Although I'm not sure my sign language explanation of it's bad for your brain [Diet Coke] and it's bad for your butt [Coke] translated correctly. I didn't know how to sign language "Alzheimers" and "calories" so I pointed to head and butt. Pretty sure he thinks Diet Coke makes you smart and Coke gives you hemorrhoids now.

4. After our first night here [pretty decent motion sickness for me] I almost was sold into $150 Acupunture to reliever the nausea. Thankful I felt better the next day and didn't sell my soul to the Devil over it.

5. Crew member questioned my sanity [via her expression] when I retrieved my breastpump out of my luggage when she knew we were crusing alone. I think she thought maybe I had a pretend baby and I didn't want her to mess up my fictional life. I explained the baby was at home, but still she nodded in polite empathy for me. Again, message lost in translation I think.

6. I have learned that although fake nails are cruise sexy, they are not practical for iPhones or blogging.

7. The portions at breakfast and lunch vs the portions at dinner.

8. A life without constant facebook/twitter updating and access to email is a bitter sweetness. I'd say more bitter, I heart internet social networking. I can already tell I'll need an additional week of vacation just to catch up.

9. I will always continue to cruise on Celebrity cruises for one reason and one reason only. 70% plus of the population on this cruise ship is 70 or older. I'm loving that I am the hot young thing...even with a post [very very very post, can I still say that 9 months later?] baby body. Okay, so maybe not the hot part, but I've seen way more muu-muus than bikinis.

10. Bottle water at the bar, grills and restaurants is included [with drink package], but the water my room service leaves for me isn't. I have to stare at it, debate if it's worth the $5 or take my lazy self down to the bar to get a free one. I've been averaging about half half.

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  1. This shot is beautiful! And I absolutely love your observations - hilarious!! Sounds like a great time. I'll keep it in mind should I sign on for a cruise. :D

  2. Loved it! You are very funny!

  3. I haha'd out loud about moo-moos. (It's muu muu, technically, but the moo connotation with wearing a muu muu is too hilaro.) So glad you had fun!!!

  4. Oh yeah, what are hydroids????

    Sounds like Celebrity Cruise Line is the way to go! Anything that makes post baby body people feel "hot" sounds good to me!

    I think we need to go on a cruise together!



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