Saturday, December 18, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Saying Goodbye

I'll get straight to the point...

5 Months
5 People
5 Thoughts 

...I'm about to get back to packing again because...

[1] We probably have more stuff than will fit in our cars

[2] We are tired, but already memorized all the Starbuck exits from OH to GA

[3] We are splitting up the kids so one of us hears crying & the other hears crying

[4] We will attempt to make it in time for church on Sunday [but probably won't]

[5] This may be my last post this year with the label "Dayton"

*Side Note*
Aren't my boys Croc boots cute? They are awesome. They are light weight, washable, soft inside, easy to put on & take off, look just like regular shoes when pants are down and best of all I got them buy one get one half off. Last time [this year] their adorable boots will touch this Ohio snow. 


Oh my gosh, please go look at the hot pink little girl versions...I'm drooling.
This might be a good time to mention I have baby fever again.
Stay tuned 2011...


  1. Hey Candra,
    I love your blog -- it's been so much for to stop by here and meet you. Best of luck and blessings on your travels in the coming weeks. You've got a lot on your plate...but it sounds fun (especially the cruise part!).

    Thanks for stopping by Graceful this week...

  2. Don't hate, but Jaana has those. Hers are gray on the bottom and hot pink on the top. :)

  3. :( This is my sad face for you leaving Dayton. :) And a happy face for you being back home by your fam! Glad you made it home safe!!



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