Monday, December 6, 2010

Scuba Santa & Shark Boy

This past Saturday we decided to check out Newport Aquarium just across the Ohio border in Kentucky. Charles had to work again, like last Saturday, and the Saturday before, so instead of sulking at home we went and did something fun.

It was snowing, but that didn't stop us...apparently it did stop others though, but we were thankful it wasn't crowded. Right as we got there they were having a Scuba Santa show. The kids thought it was fabulous. He "talked" to them and when he asked who had been naughty this year...both my boys raised their hands!
Solomon keep his up a long time, which made everyone laugh. I think Santa's elf was mainly there [with his back to us] to watch that sharks didn't prevent Santa from his Christmas duty.
Later as we were leaving, we walked through the mall and saw Santa again.

Take a nice look at that shark. Take a nice look at that tank.

Now, imagine... you're pushing a double stroller  [with one walking next to you] towards the last exhibit making your way to the exit sign when, pause... the walker wants to take one last look at the shark tank [from above]. Fabulous, "okay now, let's go". You push open the double doors alone [which you've learned to do with your mad double stroller mom skills] and BAM the doors slam behind you. 


Ugh, now you've got to go open them to yell at the toddler to hurry up and come in the gift shop now, when you realize...they're locked. 

You freak. 

Your toddler is a short wall and a little net away from the shark tank.

I yelled at the gift shop worker "open these doors now, it's an emergency" to which she [obviously hears a lot] calmly, slowly and un-anxiously replies "you'll have to go around and go back in that way" [points]. 

I didn't have time to yell at her and save him so I rush over back to another set of doors and rush through an exhibit to get back to where Nation was...

...still looking at the sharks. 

Thank God.

Like I said, it wasn't crowded so I was worried knowing curious Nation was just a tiny climb away from falling in. I can't believe that made double doors that lock you out as you enter the gift shop, especially when the last exhibit is an open shark tank.

Again, super fun day with the kiddos, but thanks for angels! I'd recommend going if you're near by. It was no GA Aquarium, but it took us a good 4 hours to explore.

Best way to "calm down" after the Shark Boy stunt was to take the kids to the [always] overpriced candy store. Next to Starbucks, candy stores are the biggest [most tastiest] ripe off.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for beautiful colors and elated kids. I didn't have any, thank you [overpriced] Starbucks drink inside the aquarium.

It was a little over an hour away, but located in this really cute shopping and eating area. I'd love to go back, but we probably won't have time before we leave for GA. We left at noon and arrived home near 7. The sparkly white snow falling all the way there and back with Christmas music made it quite delightful. 

Oh, and all three the kids sleeping on the way back might have helped too.

An hour later Charles was home and we were off on our date night. We had dinner at a Mongolian bbq place and saw 127 hours

Loved Saturday.


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  1. We've been to that Aquarium. We used to live in Kettering (a 'burb on the southern end of Dayton)

    That glass tunnel walk FREAKS ME OUT... not to mention the shark..
    but I like the picture of the candies. candies are good. sharks are not.

    the Scuba Santa is pretty cool. I hope those sharks just get lumps of coal.

  2. oh my. what were they thinking with an semi-open shark tank-that is just nuts. maybe the design people don't have kids. yes, thank you Angels!! and the gift shop worker obviously does not have kids.

    i've been voting for ya. i told a friend about your blog to encourage her. she has 3 under the age of 5 and is 30 weeks pregnant with #4.

  3. That would have freaked me out. I can't believe they have an open shark tank that anyone could accidentally fall in. Who thought of that idea???

    The scuba Santa looks fun though :)

  4. How fun! A scuba Santa!

    And I'm not a fan of snow, but I'd sure like to have some around just to help it feel more Christmas-y... love that last pic.

  5. So, I kinda feel like we hung out on Saturday! I was totally at the GA Aquarium and there was a Santa in the tank! haha

    ashley harper

  6. Thanks for voting!

    Yes, I know, the sharks are next to mosquitos in my books...why God, why?



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