Saturday, December 25, 2010

7th Annual Gals Christmas Party

This was [my best friend] April & I's 7th Annual Gal's Christmas Party. 

Although I think we need to start including my mom in the title because in the past few years she has provided the space, food, [popular] party punch, and recently the craft too. This year was probably are largest turn out yet, not to mention the food was amazing...from cake pops to Oreo balls. Yummo.

My mom was very excited that her small group ladies came out and so were we...adults bring real food...and not just Chex mix.

We had a Christmas hat theme and lots of people participated! My mom joked that the only pictures I have on my blog of her are those with her in hats.

We talked, ate, drank, played, laughed and some even hung around making ornaments till nearly 2 am. [The party started at 6pm!]

I teased my mom about looking like Mrs. Claus with her glasses.

These girls showed up in boots and even a nurse friend made a hat out of a hospital bedpan!

Charles cousin, Amanda and her daughter Kinley came. The Christmas Vikings!

***Thanks for coming gals!***

It's always difficult to plan a party when I'm just arriving from another state [since we normally are out of town right until Christmas for Charles work], but the fuss is always worth the fun. Some of these gals I only get to see once a year. I had several have to cancel last minute because of sickness and weather conditions, but I look forward to seeing them hopefully soon! 

My birthday is in 4 months...

just sayin'

Merry Christmas Y'all!

If you came to the party click this link once below
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  1. I should be in bed. It's almost 1 am. And I just looked at these pictures and suddenly was ravenous. So now I'm eating Chex Mix (for real) while wishing I was eating grown up food.

  2. Monica, my sister and mom and brothers were helping me wrap all my presents late last night!

  3. The party was lots of fun! Great pics too!

  4. cute pics.. i thought the cake pops were from here though,

    ashley harper

  5. That was so much fun! Great pics, as usual. Next year I'mma just bring a sleeping bag, haha.

  6. Jealous! This is to cool and awesome photos!! I want to have one of these now! LOL! :) Love the ornaments!



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