Tuesday, December 21, 2010

502 Miles Till Home

I'm happy to be blogging from my very own kitchen table [even if it's in the middle of the literal kitchen because I've moved it to make space for indoor playing since we left our playroom in Ohio, sigh]. Took off blogging yesterday because to put anything else in that last 24 hours would have sent me straight to the hospital. Let me break this week down in picture for you...

a. Our milk dropped, but I used via tray to avoid going back to store in snow

b. The boys room when I asked them to watch a movie so I could pack

c. What the counter looked like over and over again last week

Over the last few weeks Charles work schedule has picked up a lot trying to finish the wire project at Dayton Daily News...some days he worked between 16-24 hours straight. During the last week I attempted...let me use that word twice...attempted...to pack up our 1500 square apartment with 3 kids under 4. Well, I thought I got a lot done, but apparently our two hour load up plan turned into 8...I guess I didn't do as much as I thought. And Yes, I did pack in trash bags.

Luckily my husband is a good sport and we worked together Sunday to get the house all packed up and loaded into two cars, leaving behind only one porch full of items we couldn't fit. Not to worry, my great Ohio friend picked them all up and is busy giving them away to those in need. 

Originally we were suppose to leave Thanksgiving, then December 13th, then 17th, then 18th, so finally the 19th we were on the road...even if was 6pm and we'd both only slept about 5 hours for several nights in a row. The kids slept for the entire 8 hours and Moses only woke up [in my car] 3 times crying a little. I did get sleepy between 2 and 3 am, but thanks to Rihanna radio station on Pandora I got my dance on. Thank you also to my first Starbucks venti coffee drink I managed to chug [hate the taste].

If only my car windows could talk...the things they'd tell you. My dancing was quite humorous I'm sure to God, His angels, and those passerbyer's. 

We got into Marietta about 3 am, but didn't get all settled and asleep till 5 am. Guess what time the kids woke up? 7 am. We took turns napping until noon and then started our day. Thanks to an amazing babysitter, my husband and mom I was able to prepare for our 7th Annual Girl's Christmas party that started at 6pm. That's for another blog though.

I say all this to say...our almost 5 month business trip in Ohio is officially over and we're officially home. We threw all the contents of our cars into our storage unit and will deal with that hot mess in 3 weeks when Christmas vacation is over.

Before & After

[I guess I should actually say... "before & during clean up"
...when we left it looked sort of like the before picture]


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