Monday, November 8, 2010

The Only Pre-K School Supply You'll Ever Need

Do you know what these are? 

Sadly, I did not know until a few months ago when we went to dinner at PF Changs and they passed them out to the kids to play with instead of crayons. They are called Wikki Stix. I think they are fabulous for play and learning.

--Non-toxic [wax and yarn]
--Stimulates imagination and creativity
--No glue, no preparation, no cleanup, no mess
--Good for boys & girls [3 and up recommended]
--Reusable manipulative

We bought the shapes, letters & number kits from Amazon. 

We are using them for Pre-K homeschool. 

Nation [my 4.5 year old] loves them. 

Solomon [my 2.5 year old] isn't as interested in them [yet].

Each card comes with a design suggestion you can try to make out of the stix's as well.

If you want to save money, but still want to use the same idea just purchase the Wikki Stix and use poster board [that's the material these cards feel like] to make your own cards.

I'm not sure who is more excited about these, the kids or me? 

Amazon sells over 100 products by Wikki Stix. I plan to purchase the Story BookChristmas Activity BookBible Fun KitGlow in the Dark and Dinosaur Fun Kit in the future.

 And don't think you have to "color inside the lines" because Nation discovered quickly that these stix's didn't just make shapes, letters and numbers...they also make twisted bracelets and funny characters. I'm sure there is more where that came from.

I hope you'll purchase some for you kids if you haven't already. Purchasing from my links above does give me credit if you decide to use Thanks!

I wouldn't write all this without giving you a chance to win some!

I'm giving away one Super Wikki Stix set. 
It includes:
 Six different colors of 48 individual Wikki Stix 
[a total of 144 feet!]

Two ways enter:

1. Facebook about this blog post in your status


2. Tweet about this blog post

*Only two entries per person [i.e. one facebook and one twitter]
*You don't have to do both
*Contest is between now and midnight next Monday [8/15]
*You must comment below letting me know what you did
*Please use one comment for Facebooking about this post & one comment for Tweeting about this post

Happy Winning!


  1. oh and twitter!!/2011PugChair

  2. I tweeted!/sarahhmartin/status/1845695325667328

  3. Shared on facebook! Sounds awesome! We're looking for airplane worthy stuff to pack!

  4. Candra, as a former teacher, I can tell you this is a great idea! It lets kids learn by touch which is the best way for many kids to learn. Plus, it allows for creativity as Nation demonstrated. Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing. I am going to post it on facebook for sure.

  5. Ted's Montana Grill also gives these to kids and Jaana has adored them. So much so that she asked for them at Christmas last year (via the As Seen on TV product called Bendaroos). They are fabulous!

  6. Looks like a blast! I facebooked this!!! I would love to try these with my own homeschoolers :)

  7. We have some of these that someone gave the girls for Christmas last year. To be honest I wasn't crazy about them but that could be because they are small and I had a tiny little baby who was starting to crawl around with 3 older siblings. I may just have to pull them back out though because this is an ingenious idea of how to use them! My 3 year old would love to do this as his school I would be willing to bet.

  8. I posted on my facebook page, I am Alicia's Auntie

  9. I posted on my facebook page. Alicia

  10. I posted this giveaway on FB. :)

    Btw, I've been reading your blog for a couple months now & love it! I think I know people who you might know in Georgia. What's your home church?

  11. Giveaway closed...the winner is: [from] #8


    Thanks y'all. It wasn't a big giveaway or a big giveaway participation [ha ha], but I'm still overjoyed to reward my blog readers for putting up with me!



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