Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Blog To Brag About

How excited is Mommy about her new blog design?


...probably pretty excited

I don't know?

More excited than Christmas morning?


I would like to introduce you to Jessica, a blog designer I stumbled upon last week while checking out a blog hop I participate in. Please check out her site, A Blog To Brag About, if you're at all interested in upgrading your blogger account. She has a sweet deal going on right now that I took advantage of. She's not finished with my site yet, but I love what she's done so far!


  1. That sounds great! I am totally going to check her out! I have wanted a new blog design for like, three years. No lie. lol

  2. Love it!!!!! (I see Papyrus made it as well.)

  3. Monica, I would never leave Papyrus, you're going to have to pray harder ; )



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