Monday, August 16, 2010

Target Keeps Us Company

Recovering from a fun weekend [or pretending to continue]. I think my Monday to-do list just became Tuesday to-do list. Played by the pool this morning for 2 hours...brought my laptop & pack n play for the full enjoyable experience. As usual lunch and nap, then word Charles would be home late so I chucked the idea of cooking and pampered myself with Longhorn takeout to makeup for the bad news. 

Before that the kids and I walked up and down the aisles of Target checking out all the new stuff, obviously, especially, the toy aisles. Is it just this Target or did all of the Targets get new mini-dvd players displaying commercials about some toys and more "press this button to see how this toy works" than I'd ever seen before. All that at Target? Really? Thanks for easing my long day nevertheless. 

We walked away with a $1 pinwheel.

Got our public dose of "You sure do have your hands full"...without fail happens EVERY time I go out now.

On and off all day I researched homeschool pre-k and kindergarten curriculums. Good news, I now know how to spell kindergarten with a "t" and not a "d". Homeschool is going to be great for me! Made an Amazon "Homeschool" Wishlist today of some of the items I'm considering.

Day one of week two of Couch to 5K. Hit the gym before midnight so it still counts.

Charles and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary on Friday. In honor of this I will be posting [hopefully] 5 extra blogs...telling our story...for the romantic at heart.


  1. Keeping a wish list on Amazon is so much fun, isn't it? I have several too, and my default one is my school list. Way too many pages! LOL.
    And I really did laugh out loud when I saw your comment on my blog about Ian's wig (hair)! Hahaha

  2. Here's where I ordered mine this year:

    I'll let you know how I like it once we get it. I think it'll be good. Ordered the dinosaur book, butterfly kit and soft letters with the basic kit.



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