Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions

I've been posting these on my blog for 5 years now. Apparently I'm still trying to lose 40 pounds, see below. #5thtimesacharm

1. Gospel Preached
In the businness of life, I can go days, weeks, or even months it feels like without sharing my faith. It's not a religious task I feel I'm neglecting, as much as it is a great joy to share about the Great Rescuer and I can't see how that's so easily forgotten. My resolution is to find more ways to allow for more encounters with the lost.

2. One Year Bible
I've done if several times before, but don't like to do the same schedule every year. Excited to have this structure back in my life this year. Probably will take advantage of the audio option on my phone a lot. 

3. Journal
Every year I want to journal more, but this year I want to specifically journal times when the Lord has shown Himself to me... little ways ...big ways ... or when He gives me a word [like a picture, scripture, prophetic, or from someone else].

4. How We Love Workbook
Charles and I read a book that really changed the way we addressed all relationship issues [marriage, family, child raising, friendships, etc]. and we purchased the workbook, but never completed it, it takes about two years to do so. I am hoping we spend several more nights this year going over the questions with one another and deepening our relationship. 

5. Teach Responsibility
As my boys are getting older, I am realizing more and more the importance of them becoming hard workers. Loving the Lord is the most important, and of course all the math and reading and history etc. is important, but what good does it do a adult who is full of knowledge, but won't work hard? I have enjoyed giving the boys extra chores and responsibilities this year [thank you Jesus for a slight break in ALL the chores], but looking forward to more character training and organization of it all. Not so much the process as the result, ha.

6. Disciple and Be Discipled
I would love more opportunities to pour my life into those around me, and am believing God for even more mentorship in my life this year as well. Few things make me as happy as speaking into women's lives. Life is hard, we have to encourage one another! 

7. Pray
Again, how can the most important things get lost so easily in my day? I talk to the Lord throughout the day, which is prayer, but specifically I want take more advantage of books that I own. I really believe in the power of confessing the truth out loud. 

8. Keep Shooting
This year has given me lots of wonderful opportunities to practice my love of photography. I got to shoot my first engagement, first wedding, first birth, many babies, and lots of families. I am resolved to keep learning and keep practicing. 

9. Scrapbook
I love love love to look over my scrapbooks from years past and see all the beautiful pictures of my family and everywhere the Lord has taken us... however, I do not love how little time I have to do it. I'm behind, which I know is normal, but I really want to prioritize getting caught up so I don't just quit! Jesus give me 25 hours a day this year.

10. Lose 40 pounds
Hey, it wouldn't be a resolution unless weight was on it. Oh dear, I lost about 15 pounds last year, hey, it's something. If I want to add another sweet baby to this family I have to get on with this resolution. I did manage to walk at 6 am with a friend everyday of the week for several months this fall until it got too cold. So motto... eat less, exercise more. Wish me luck. Or supernatural power.


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