Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday #87 [Homebirth Cake]

Thankful This Week For...


hosting a going away party for a local homebirth midwife
funny cakes [women giving birth in a kiddie pool...yes it happens]
lots of women in my house [since usually it's just a lot of boys]
Georgia peach salsa
ice water
that the lawn service is back in season
watching my boys dance like Puss in Boots
coke and candy at the movies [even if I did feel a little sick afterwards]
printing over 300+ photos of Moses to scrapbook his first year [finally!]
having a few things around the house put together
yummy healthy food at Costco
before---when Moses use to sleep in #stillondaylightsavings
getting to share about homeschooling with a friend
having our friends come to our boys soccer game
my Kelsyus soccer mom chair
Olive Garden [enough said]
after several weeks of an upset stomach, it going away
a playroom that's stayed clean for one week exactly
our eggs turning into tadpoles...and staying alive [so far]
playing in the dirt with my kids [weather has been sooo nice]

What are you thankful for this week?
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Making my way through my 1000 gift list...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

12 Weeks [Morning Sickness Tips & Liver Cleanse]

I haven't written much since we announced we were pregnant with number four. It's been a very busy 8ish weeks since I found out. That's the bad news, the good news is I think I'm officially over "morning sickness". I must confess, after baby #1 put me in the hospital from such extreme vomiting and dehydration [oh and 25 pounds weight loss]...and baby #3 required prescription drugs like baby #1 to be able to even function [and not have to hire a full time babysitter for myself & kids] ...I'm thankful for pregnancy #2 and #4 that didn't give me such a hard time.

I don't really remember my second pregnancy, but I know it was similar to this one. This one may or may not have been easier. I don't know, this time around I was chasing three boys and keeping up a a house 4X larger than ever before. So, truly it's not comparable.

This pregnancy was different in some ways. I didn't really feel the most sick in the morning, but around 1pm and 11pm. Basically when I think my body got tired, I felt ill instead of sleepy. I ate a lot to avoid the queazy feeling, gained 5 pounds, not too shabby I don't think. Considering I didn't exercise once and ate a lot of carbs. Steered clear of must real food and eventually became able to drink water. Having lots of suckers in my purse didn't hurt either.

This week I started back on the elliptical, and putting green things back on my plate. I am so thankful to Jesus that I was able to care for my family and house despite the speed and quality at which I might have done that sometimes, ha. I really believe it was the Lord's healing and grace [mercy!] on my life. I did try two fasts before this pregnancy to help cleanse my liver and two different supplements that I will recommend incase they help anyone else in the future. 


I took Livatone Plus before I was pregnant for a few months [not safe during pregnancy]. 

Then when I thought I might be pregnant or when I finally found out I was pregnant I started taking Liver Glow II [which is safe during pregnancy]. Once I started feeling ill around 6 weeks I stopped, maybe I should have kept going, but it was hard enough to get anything down, much less herbal drops. Although, I will say, they don't taste bad. 

The point was to help cleanse my liver...which I believe to be very much related to why I normally feel so bad. Your body produces so many hormones while growing baby, if they liver doesn't properly help flush them out, you can literally become sick from the overdose of them. I'm no Dr., that's the Candra version of the story.
I also used Psi Bands for the first time for several weeks. They aren't magic, but I do believe they take "the edge off". I usually use those hideous sea bands that look like you're about to play tennis in the 1980's. I think I use to own mustard yellow fuzzy ones---ugh! So these were way more cute. 

Other than that, I recommend the basic recommendations--- rest a lot, don't drink caffeine, research what you should and shouldn't eat, take it easy, eat and drink what you can---and do it often. When you stop feeling so sick---then---give yourself a harder time about the water intake and perfect pregnancy diet.

Yay second trimester---here I come!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday #86

Thankful This Week For:

Making my way through my 1000 gift list...

releasing our butterflies
stealing my camera back from my husband
new maternity clothes
crossing the 12 week mark this pregnancy
making a trip to Whole Foods after a very long time
desert night at Beth Moore
a cleaned up backyard
solving the vacuum problem mystery
when Nation [finally] grasps a concept we've been studying
house doors open
when the bug bites stopped itching
hearing the kids yell and scream when they hear Charles pull in the garage
treating my kids to the zoo
green cupcakes
not sleeping a lot one night, but not feeling sleepy
my baby [Moses] last day being 1
that i can wear flip flops for at least another 7 months on

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday Top Ten [#85]

Thankful This Week For...

Making my way thru 1000 gifts this year...

boys in costumes
moms with 3 boys just like me
boys running thru sprinklers in early March
my friends being okay that they bare feet are covered in broken goldfish when they come over
520 pounds of cardboard being hauled out of our 3rd car garage---finally
for fans when AC goes out
first two goals of the soccer season
having my brother spend the night
that Beth Moore once taught sign language aerobics [#stilllaughing]
that our caterpillars turned into butterflies
an empty baby room now with my three boys [mostly] figuring out how to sleep all in the same room
apple pie and ice cream
making dinner twice this week [hey! it's better than the previous zero lately]
that my kids love turkey burgers [who knew?]
a coat closet finally cleaned out---just in time for winter to be over #irony
finding things that have been lost 
teaching my son how to tell time...a very useful life skill!
hearing my 3 year old ask me everyday if it's his birthday yet and if it's Summer yet
seeing Moses copy and mimic us all day

What are you thankful for? Link up below.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Conversations You Have With Me On The Phone

First of all, it really kills me to blog without photos, but I just can't subject you to any more of my awful iPhone quality photos and my camera is still being used by my husband for work [no...what? you didn't hear bitterness in my voice, no...not at all], but should be shortly returned to me [and or stolen back]. 

I was on the phone today, which rarely happens during the day---as you stay at home moms know---when my gilfriend joking said "if I ever start a blog it will be called 'Things I hear Candra say while I'm talking to her on the phone'" Apparently our conversations go a little like this---

Me: So yeah we are just about done putting up the boys bunk beds toge----STOP! No, you can't climb over the ledge---Sorry. Don't put that hula hoop around your brother. So I'm pretty excited---Hold on, no hitting---Sorry---Okay guys, that's enough---let me call you back the boys are fighting.
Friend: click.

 *enough time to discipline kids goes by*

Me: Where were we? [blames bad behavior on bad weather] I got the bedding, but---why are you crying? Because your hands are dirty? Oh wait, no, you fell in ants---Oh no, Can I call you back?
Friend: click.

*enough time goes by for me to go cover our newly emerged for Spring time ant piles, and kill bees. Plus find Benadryl, and console baby.*

Me: Sorry...Again. So yep, that's what's going on with that room, but we really haven't decorated much more than that---Don't hit the tennis racket on the window---Oh man my battery is deadI'll have to call you back later.
Friend: click.

*Phone stays dead till well past bedtime and I'm now blogging and probably won't call her back*

Is it just me? ha!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Q is for Quail

Q is for Quail
I don't grumble or complain; I am thankful.

Numbers 11:4-10 & 31-34
1 Timothy 6:6-10
Hebrews 13:5
Philippians 2:14; 4:11-13

Books we read:
Inch by Inch by Lionni 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday #84

Thankful This Week For...

#181 a little boy who knows how to get to see what he wants [see: carousal pic above]
#182 4 bundles of 10 inches each of my hair donated to Locks of Love
#183 what happens when you leave a boy in the room for even just a minute with his paint
#184 the best group of gals at my Beth Moore table #ilovewednesdays
#185 my sitter back from vacation
#186 taking my boys to see The Lorax
#187 sour patch kids
#188 dresses and leggings [my new favorite maternity ensemble]
#189 warm and breezy weather [it shall be on my list everytime!]
#190 my "new" light weight pink robe [thank you maternity consignment sale]

#191 three curious boys
#192 the humility [and sometimes humiliation] I receive from the constant state of my car
#193 funny conversations my oldest and I have
#194 snuggling with my youngest all weekend because his ears hurt
#195 still thankful for Tylenol and antibiotics even though most of the year I'm against them
#196 mediating on putting others before myself
#197 two boys birthdays planned and cakes ordered
#198 that last weekend my house didn't get hit by a tornado
#199 starting soccer this week
#200 two sets of new bunk beds & quilts that match

What are you thankful for?
I'm making my way through 1000 things I'm thankful for this year.
Link up below with what you're thankful for. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday #83

this lovely iPhone photo is what happens when your husband borrows your awesome camera for work all month


craft table "open" all week
butterflies [as we watch all their stages unfold while studying them this week it's pretty amazing to see]
easter decorations on my mantel
a new month
warm weather [makes me excited for the summer]
little boys in shorts
little boys with haircuts [finally! after 4 months]
yogli mogli
kids who love sprinkles
$50 well spent at our churches consignment sale on clothes for my oldest and myself [maternity]
a clean backporch
2010 january scrapbooked [after a more than 2 year hiatus]
a 9 week old baby in my belly
a baby in someone else's belly who just found out
my 36 lb "baby" who turns 2 this month
being hungry again after a week of not [thank you very much stomach virus]
seeing Moses sleep in a toddler bed [after he managed to successfully break two pack n plays recently]
that I got married before "say yes to the dress" and pinterest [really uncomplicated the pressure!]
an older brother who put his baby brother down for a nap this week for me
my husbands creative genius mind that i don't fully understand or appreciate, it's mysterious nevertheless

What are you thankful for this week? 
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I'm making my way through my 1000 gifts this year.


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