Monday, December 31, 2012

13 Resolutions for 2013

I literally just exhaled starting this post. I'm exiting a difficult year and entering a new year with great hope and anticipation. [And a female offspring!] Last year wasn't a year to really focus on my hobbies like photography, blogging, and scrapbooking. It was a year to focus on my marriage and carrying for our new child [both in womb and then outside]. Marriage restoration is on the upswing and my little piece Heaven is already 3 months old.
Looking back over my new years resolutions of 2011 and 2012, there really is little reason to make a new list because those lists still encompass my "To-Be" list. It's hard for someone like me who is such a "To-Do" lister to pause and remember it's not just about doing, but it's about being. Once again I reach for those things that I know would bring glory to God this year. One of those not being grammar. Sorry, maybe when I start teaching that such stuff to Nation I will learn how to properly form sentences and spell words...until then, apologizes for another year of blog posts driving you crazy.

1. One Year Bible with my husband [I love the OYB and have done several times, but this year for the first time I'll be doing with my husband!]
2. Prioritize hearing God's voice [listen more!]
3. Be generous [I want to be known as a generous person in time & money---I want to truly enjoy giving more than receiving]
4. Champion a cause that echos God's heart [I have always been fond of the works of Passion, but love their heart for ending slavery for the 27 million still in it]
5. Try 13 new restaurants [in the greater Atlanta area with my husband on date nights]
6. Hug, hold, play and speak encouragement into my kids [even more...look for ways!]
7. Lose 50 pounds [first part of the year I'm focusing on exercise until Heaven is nursing less, then Weight Watchers again]
8. Learn how to use my camera more [I have some books, videos, and online resources I want to make more use of]
9. Blog again [that's right, not just post photos or late Thankful Thursdays, but actually write---encouraging moms hopefully world wide]
10. Family & Friends get saved [Pray & be available...I want to see some of those lost in my life come to know Jesus!]
11. Learn to sew? [this is a stretch, but maybe now that I have a girl it's about time!]
12. Conquer meal planning & cooking [For the zillionth year in a row I desire to cook more regularly...this may be more of a stretch that sewing]
13. Read more [12 books a year turned out to be 6 last year, not too shabby, trying for 12 books again]

What are you resolutions?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday #126

Thankful This Week For...
1. My 9th Annual Girls Only Christmas Party was a success!
2. A beautiful Christmas Eve service
3. All the magic of Christmas morning with my kiddos
4. My mom cooking all the food so I didn't have to worry about it
5. My sister helping this last minute shopper wrap all my presents
6. Seeing Les Miserables [first movie theater movie since the baby was born!]
7. The lovely perfumes my husband hand picked for me [first fancy perfumes I've ever owned!]
8. My husband having a few days off
9. Christmas movies...I'll miss them
10. My inlaws visiting from Oregon for the next 4 days

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday #122

Thankful This Week For...

1. A wonderful Thanksgiving trip to Texas last week
2. Getting home and setting up our Christmas tree
3. Having my friend over and watching her decorate for me [ha ha ha]
4. My new wrap that I dislike, but Heaven loves
5. Just being home...missed our backyard where the boys could safely roam free
6. For my friends suggestion to have less [like 18 bins less] toys in the playroom #formysanity
7. Heaven's new decked out pink carseat cover
8. Getting last minute Christmas card photos taken with the lady who did Heaven's newborns
9. Receiving Heaven's baby announcement in the mail
10. Eating out...some weeks [readjusting] are tough and it's nice to have the option of not cooking

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday #121

Thankful This Week For...

1. My dad flying us to Houston to show off our newest family addition, Heaven [no 16 hr drive thanks] 
2. Seeing my moms side of the family as well as my dads [two birds one stone]
3. Reuniting with my 13 cousins in College Station, TX
4. Thanksgiving leftovers for the win
5. My kids getting to see my dads ranch and do all the manly stuff like ride in jeeps & fish
6. Having my sister help me on the flight down & in Texas until Charles arrived 
7. Our rental car [thanks again dad] because we apparently are such a large family we need our own
8. Borrowed carseats from a school friend in Montgomery [grew up there] so we didn't have to rent
9. Heaven doing well with all the travels & sleeping in different places
10. My leaf garland from last years Pottery Barn Kids clearance--- I'm no crafter so I appreciate them making me look like one

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday #120

Thankful This Week For...

1. Pink! Sleepsacks [no worries about blankets covering their faces]
2. Instagram [I was skeptical, but I love documenting my everyday life & seeing others too]
3. Lunch with my mentor, Amy, and introducing her to Heaven
4. Finding the perfect pink comforter for the twin bed in Heaven's room at Pottery Barn Kids
5. When Nation said, "When I look into Heaven's eyes, I think about her, and I love her"
6. My dad paying for our family to fly out and seem him over Thanksgiving
7. Our little co-sleeping, snuggle-bunny Heaven...really enjoying her tucked next to me
8. Solomon, my "i will do any chore for candy" kiddo lately--- candy is his currency 
9. Amidst the colder weather, a few warm hours for the kids to run off energy
10. Moses...he's been quite the 2 year old this week, but by now, I'm use to it this phase in a kids life...bring it! I love you anyways

What are you thankful for? 
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday #119

Thankful This Week For...

1. A brother and sister---a new bond I can't wait to see mature in love
2. My clearance finds at the annual sidewalk sale at Glory Haus
3. Wearing my new comfy boots for the first time
4. Boy Scout popcorn [OMG!]
5. Heaven in her performance fleece outfits
6. Photo txting--- love that I can send family photos to family & friends all over the country instantly
7. Homemade outfits & gifts [that keep pouring in]
8. My first trip out with all four kids and it actually went pretty well
9. A long overdue lunch with another mentor friend of mine, Naomi
10. Heaven turning one month old...I still can't believe I have a girl!

What are you thankful for this week?
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Heaven's Baby Shower three BFF's started plotting & planning a baby girl shower [even with google docs] months before Heaven was born. Even though they weren't sure it was a girl they couldn't help themselves...because they are THAT wonderful.

Sarah & I decided some people are crafters and some people are consumers. Sarah & I are the consumers [we pay for it!] and April & Cassie are the crafters---they make it. We try not to be jealous of their amazing glue gun & trash diving skills.

Thank you Sarah, April & Cassie for all your planning, purchasing, preparing and decorating. It was amazingly beautiful and everything was so yummy. Heaven was blessed with SO many pink things.

Cassie trash dove the ladder, forced her hubs to spray paint it pink. April made super fun name pins.

Cassie printed a photo of Heaven & [once again] put her husband to work making a frame for it that will perfectly match Heaven's room. She also made the fun "Heaven" painting on the table [also will go in her nursery] & the hanging tu-tu [ditto]. Thanks to all my friends who brought food. 
Everything was delicious. 

Percy Pigs candies [flown in from Ireland...thank you Mrs. Moore].
My step-mothers famous strawberry roses...oh my!

Red velvet cake cupcakes with icing...I think I ate all the ones on the second tier. 

This picture was taken before the gift table was overflowing.
April also made beautiful little flower garland that matched the name tags.

April [aka the slave driver] and her workers [forced slaves] "willingly" helped her finish a few more balls to hang to decorate for the party [and later Heaven's room]. The first pink one took April 6 hours--so she was thankful to have all our wonderful friends help her finish the others ones. Thanks Ashley's, Stephanie, Jennifer and anyone else who was under April's rule & authority. [I tease, I tease]

April should open her own Etsy shop don't you think? Look at all these onesies she made for Heaven.

But wait...there's more!

I don't just have one crafty friend, I have many. Two more homemade gifts Heaven got.

Top right picture are the three hosts, myself & Heaven.
Sometimes while making Heaven headbands we made them a wee bit too big, so we gave them away.

Heaven is such a character!

My beautiful one month old girl on the day of her party!

The many things Heaven did while I opened pink bags filled with goodness I wish I could fit into.

The party was just...perfect. Thanks to all who helped & came.
We are so excited for you were born...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday #118

Thankful This Week For...

1. Charles coming home from NYC [just missing hurricane Sandy] after being gone a week
2. My mom & sitter for helping me get through the week
3. Our church fall festival
4. Three new pairs of shoes [I've been wearing flip flops for years and not bought shoes since 2008]
5. My first [milk/caffeine] Chai since Heaven was born and it didn't upset her tummy either!
6. My blog site is about to get a face lift [it's in the works as I write]
7. A date day with Charles [which consists of him holding the baby while I run errands in the stores]
8. Grocery shopping kidless for the first time since Heaven was born
9. Remembering I have facetime and showing off Heaven with it
10. Halloween candy! photos

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